Dr. Sabine Maier

Dr. Sabine Maier
Dr. Sabine Maier
Cosmetic Surgeon
My job and at the same time my vocation is to help the unique nature of my patients given by Mother Nature. In the center of my medical activity is the human being, with all his wishes, fears, advantages but also taunts. Not the change, but the highlighting of the individual beauty is my concern.

Everything that we perceive as “beautiful” is shaped by the current beauty ideals, beauty trends and fads. The concepts of harmony and symmetry, on the other hand, have been inseparably linked to “pleasure and well-being” since the beginning of mankind. But we also know that the topic is not new at all. Already the pharaohs in ancient Egypt have dealt extensively with it and we know a number of philosophical treatises on this subject by Socrates, Plato or Kant.

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