Dr. Peter Lisborg

Dr. Peter Lisborg
Dr. Peter Lisborg
Cosmetic Surgeon
I am Dr. Peter Lisborg, born in 1958, has been a passionate surgeon and surgeon for more than 18 years.

My job in the more than 18 years in which I work as a doctor and surgeon, I see it not to judge the BEAUTY – but to go a way to harmonize what already exists, maybe I can In other words, harmony, symmetry (whatever you call it), balance. Sometimes it’s just little things that have a big impact on getting a great result. Your well-being, your satisfaction as the basis for your natural beauty, this is underlined – inner satisfaction through outer beauty, I can help you. Every woman, every man is unique. Each person carries a different story, has different ideas, wishes or fears. Everyone has a lot of questions, wants accurate information, and almost always the first step needs a bit of courage. Prerequisite for successful treatment is first and foremost trust, mutual trust between doctor and patient. It takes time to define each treatment plan, and every surgical procedure is planned after careful examination and in-depth discussion. The procedure is individually tailored to your personality, needs and wishes; In this way the best result can be guaranteed with my experience – in terms of aesthetics and according to your ideas and wishes.

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