Dr. Noviello Sergio

Dr. Noviello Sergio
Dr. Noviello Sergio
Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Noviello is the author of over 7,500 interventions as the first operator, in which he has gained more and more experience in surgery of the breast, face, eyelids, nose and localized adiposity.

Dr. Sergio Noviello is specialized in Experimental Microsurgery and Experimental Surgery. Dr. Noviello also continues his training with: – master in Morphodynamic Aesthetic Surgery – Diploma of Expert and Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine with Aesthetic Address issued by the Post Graduate School of Medicine with Aesthetic Address of Milan. He works as a freelancer in Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery and is the Chief Medical Officer of the Division of Medicine and Surgery of Milano Aesthetics (one of the 100 best European structures in the sector).

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