Dr. Mohan Thomas

Dr. Mohan Thomas
Dr. Mohan Thomas
Cosmetic Surgeon
His level of comfort with his Diagnostic and Surgical skills, kind-heartedness and humble nature makes it a joy to watch him at work. His unique style of practice without a Big Ego and Arrogance is refreshing and he Guarantees absolute protection of his patient's privacy regardless of who it is. His attention to detail and commitment to the Art and Science of Cosmetic Surgery has led to clocking over 7,500 hours of Continuing education keeping him at the cutting edge of the field.

Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas is an American Trained & Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon with a special interest in Corrective Cosmetic Surgery. He maintains an exclusive practice in the full scope of cosmetic surgery. He is a graduate of the Medical college of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA where he excelled as a medical student. He holds Doctoral and Post Doctoral degrees from the medical college of Pennsylvania. He interned at Allegheny University, Philadelphia and completed Residencies / Fellowships (at very prestigious institutions such as Mount Sinai / New York University Hospital, Health Systems and Hahnemann University Hospitals) in.

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