Dr. Loek Habbema

Dr. Loek Habbema
Dr. Loek Habbema
Cosmetic Surgeon
He is a frequent speaker at important international congresses. This has also resulted in many positions on the Board of several international associations. Loek Habbema was also awarded the Karl Koller Award in 2015 for his major contribution to the development of Tumescent Local Anesthesia.

Doctor Loek Habbema studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in the Dermatologist-Venereologist in the Academic Hospital of the Free University in Amsterdam. He was then appointed head of the outpatient clinic at the Academic Hospital Rotterdam, Dijkzigt. Since 1993 he has been working as an independent dermatologist at Medisch Centrum ‘t Gooi in Bussum, of which he is also director. There he deliberately focused on areas in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic dermatology surgery.

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