Dr. Gunther Arco

Dr. Gunther Arco
Dr. Gunther Arco
Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Gunther Arco Specialist in Surgery and the Medical Director of the Graz Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery. He is dedicated to the wide range of aesthetic surgery.

While still a student, Dr. Arco is fascinated by this special field of surgery and I dealt intensively with this topic. In order to meet his own high quality standards, Dr. Arco after graduation a comprehensive specialized training in the departments for plastic surgery of renowned clinics. Among other things, he expanded his knowledge and practical experience in the plastic surgery departments of the university hospitals Erlangen and Graz. In addition, he learned special surgical techniques under the direction of the Mannheim Clinic for Plastic Surgery, the Brazilian Dr. Ing. Hermann Solz. Later followed by further education with Dr. med. Moser and dr. Bruck in Berlin, dr. Hell and dr. Peek in Frankfurt, dr. Ghofrani in Giessen and dr. Alamuti in Wiesbaden. Practical experience with innovative surgical methods gained Dr. Arco during several stays abroad in the USA as well as in the motherland of aesthetic surgery, Brazil. He was there in the clinics of Dr. med. Nahai in Atlanta, dr. Mendieta and dr. Khouri in Miami, dr. Saldanha and Dr. Ewaldo Bolivar and de Souza sa Pinto in Santos, dr. Badin in Curitiba and dr. Hakme worked in Rio de Janeiro.

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