Dr. Erik Nuveen

Dr. Erik Nuveen
Dr. Erik Nuveen
Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Erik Nuveen, performs numerous surgeries of the face, body, breast and skin. He makes it abundantly clear that his career is his life, and he is proud and grateful for this gift.

Dr. Nuveen has been consistently honored and rewarded throughout his career with awards and honors. Truly dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Nuveen never hesitates to provide his direct cell phone number, should any questions or concerns arise at any hour. He also is proud to refer to colleagues of equal qualification without hesitation when appropriate. Throughout his expansive career, Dr. Nuveen has performed more than 17,000 surgeries exclusively in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Nuveen’s specialties include breast, body and facial cosmetic surgery; all with formal fellowship training. Statistically, there are very few physicians in the world who perform as much cosmetic surgery as Dr. Nuveen.

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